CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. 
There is one in virtually every
Community District in the City, operating in conjunction with 
New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM). 
We are the CERT Team for our neighborhood (Brooklyn CD 14).
We are your neighbors - WE ARE YOUR CERT TEAM!
We’ve been operating since 2005 and are an independent Not-for-Profit Corporation with a 501(c)(3) tax exemption, meaning donors can get a tax deduction.

Brooklyn South CERT AREA MAP  CD 14

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CERT CENTER  1419 Dorchester Road (Corner Marlborough Road) Brooklyn NY 11226
Team Chief: 917 348 1704            brooklynsouthcert14@gmail.comhttp://www.BrooklynSouthCERT.commailto:brooklynsouthcert14@gmail.comshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
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CHECK  FEMA FOR MORE INFO!http://www.ready.gov/
If your CELL PHONE is 
(and most, if not ALL, are)
CLICK HERE for MORE INFORMATIONhttp://www.fema.gov/frequently-asked-questions-wireless-emergency-alerts

Tropical Storm JOSE & Hurricane MARIA

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For information on LOCATION and forecast TRACK of JOSE & MARIA

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We will update these maps twice daily.

(They are the same maps you can access from the LINKS above.)

New York City Community Emergency Response Team 

Situational Awareness 9/20/2017:  Tropical Storm Jose, Hurricane Maria

As of 1100 hours today, the following is expected of Tropical Storm Jose and Hurricane Maria:

  1. Tropical Storm Jose is currently offshore of NYC and Long Island.

  2. Tropical Storm Jose will remain offshore for the next few days.

  3. High rip currents, rough surf, and minor coastal flooding are possible with Jose and later Maria being offshore.

  4. Hurricane Maria is currently passing over Puerto Rico.

  5. There is a potential for marine impact to NYC next week.